Hi, my dear guest.

As you have probably found out by now, this blog is written in Polish (except a few bilingual posts, long time ago). It’s because I am Polish, my friends are Polish (some of them don`t know English very well too) and almost all my visitors come from Poland.

Therefore I’ve never felt the urge to write and/or translate my every post to English, and actually I’ve never received an opinion stating I should do so. Should I? You are free to express your opinion here.

Where do you come from? How did you find me? Do you want me to somehow include English content into my blog posts (and how)?

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  1. brt12 25 marca 2007 20:24

    I found this place at Polski Blogger’s website. Actually I’m Polish as well, I speak Polish and all my friends… well, we have to differ in something ;) Anyway I just live in UK ;) I find idea of this intro/info interesting and I think I might use it on my website as well. I had this dilemma about posting in all languages I know (English, German, Russian and Polish of course), but by the end of the day – I simply wouldn’t be bothered.
    So far I had a just quick scan of this place but I already like it. You’ll probably see me around.
    Good luck!

  2. chan 6 kwietnia 2007 12:36

    hey ikari! u must have finished school now…and good to see that you still maintain your blog…just dropped by to check what you are upto…but alas, the blog is only in polish :(…but i understand…take care and keep blogging…

  3. ikari 7 kwietnia 2007 00:39

    Thank you, Chan :) Well, theoretically I could still blog in English.. somewhere, somehow.. if it makes any sense…

  4. JarasM 7 kwietnia 2007 01:55

    International PseudoEnglish Ninja Attack!

    Yeah, I feel discriminated as being marked as „international”. I feel as much stripped of my nationality as of my dignity. I think I’ll make an EMO post about it. Or devote a myspace page to it. Or write a song. Okay, shutting up now.

  5. chan 15 kwietnia 2007 10:32

    hey ikari! i recently downloaded a polish movie called Zerwany (it’s shot in Lodz!), which means torn in English(probably)…but i can’t seem to find english subtitles for the same…can you or any of the visitors to ikari’s blog help? PLEASE!!! the movie seems gripping but i can’t watch it without subtitles because i don’t speak polish :(

  6. Tomus 16 sierpnia 2008 22:40

    Something’s strange… I’m from Poland. I saw the message after downloading Firefox (before that I used Opera). Maybe there’s something wrong with your searching-location-by-having-IP? ;)

  7. HAT 15 listopada 2011 11:35

    I hope this blog published in Japanese too.

    Ikari in Japanese is Anchor(ship’s)

    Polish helped Japanese at great Earth Quake+Tsunami
    in 11th.March 2011…. Thanks so much

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